Q: When will my order arrive?

A: I keep many of these items in stock. In stock items will ship within 2 days. Please understand that I am a one-person operation precision crafting your jewelry. Occasional inventory fluctuations can and will occur. Depending on the production cycle, some items may require up to 3 weeks prior to shipping. This is the nature of handmade goods. Please contact me prior to ordering if you have questions about the availability status of any specific items.


Q: How is my order shipped?

A: I’m pleased to offer free domestic (USA) shipping for each order. I use US Postal Service First Class package service. If you require another service or if you need delivery outside of the USA, please contact me for details. Any delivery service other than USPS First Class would be at your expense.


Q: Will my jewelry be gift wrapped?

A: Your jewelry will arrive individually packaged in custom Griffith Evans jewelry boxes ready for gift giving. If you want me to include a short personal message, type it in the "special instructions for seller" box in the cart section (prior to checkout), or contact me after you order with your request.


Q: I see that Griffith Evans cuffs are available in 5 sizes. How do I choose my cuff size?

A: The cuffs are very rigid and they don’t bend like some metal cuffs. Please see my brief video for easy sizing guidance HERE.


Q: How do you source your wood?

A: My neighbor has an orchard on his ancestral property in Cuartelez, New Mexico. We harvest declining fruit and nut trees there. Walnut, apple, peach, and apricot woods provide lovely color and grain pattern for my jewelry. Occasionally, I also use leftovers from other artisans or cuttings from local homeowners.


Q: Some of these cuffs are pretty wide. Are they heavy?

A: You’d be surprised how light they are! In spite of it’s massive visual presence, the Horizon Cuff weighs less than ½ oz.


Q: My friend had a wood bangle and it snapped right in half. Are wood bracelets fragile?

A: It depends on the construction technique. If a bracelet is cut from a flat piece of wood, it will be weak along the grain lines and breakage is possible. I bend the wood instead, thereby preserving the structural integrity. I also laminate two thin strips together for added strength and stability. I stood on one of my half cuffs and it didn’t break!


 Q: What is spalting?

A: Spalting is a result of fungal activity in the wood. The striking black marks are called zone lines and they track the progression of the fungus. Once the wood is harvested, dried and processed, the fungal activity stops.


Q: What about all these cracks and holes in the Signature Collection Cuffs?

A: Each Griffith Evans cuff consists of two thin strips of wood laminated together under high pressure. So any voids are backed up with solid wood underneath. I bend each piece individually prior to laminating and if it was going to break, it probably would break during this bending process.


Q: What should I do if my Griffith Evans jewelry gets wet?

A: Each piece has been finished with multiple coats of varnish, so there’s no need to panic. Just dry it off. Sometimes white spots appear if a piece is wet for an extended time. These can be easily removed by applying a small amount of paste wax and buffing after the wax hazes over.